UltraCamp is the MVP of our registration team at camp! The fluidity of the program, the customization of reservation requirements, and the allowance to report on virtually anything are just a few things that put UltraCamp at the top. The live attention you receive should you call their support line is uncanny - they are real humans with helpful solutions to meet your program’s goals. We use UltraCamp’s registration software for all of our events - individual registrations to families and groups. They continue to surprise us with helpful additions and growth throughout the platform. It’s a seamless integration into our website, and we couldn’t be happier to have UltraCamp on our registration team.
— Theresa Stride, Camp Kulaqua
I want to thank each of you for helping us get set up on UltraCamp. We’ve had a great experience so far. Your system gives us a professional presence and gives assurance to parents to entrust their children to us.
Thank you for your kindness, patience and providing a reasonably priced product.
— Kyle Martin, Pocono Mountain Bible Conference
We are a very small camp so we chose UltraCamp for it’s quality, but also for it’s pricing structure. It made it affordable for us with no huge upfront expense. UltraCamp has been like having another full-time staff for us when it comes to handling and disseminating information for registrations. It has been easy to set up and when it isn’t easy, the support guys are incredible. I like to learn and they walk me through each step. I have often said to a support person, Today you are my hero.
— Craig Oldenburg, Camp Concordia
Our summer program has been with Ultracamp since 2009 and we love it! it makes online registration fast, safe and easy. Parents can easily sign their kids up for camps with confidence that their information is safe and secure. I can’t say enough about the customer service, so easy to work with and they take the time to help set registration up to meet your camps specific needs. Ultracamp has made my summer’s easier and more efficient. Thanks Ultracamp!
— Sandi Peters, Summer at Saint Mary’s Hall
“UltraCamp is simply the BEST. What took hours to record, copy and chart, now is all in one place. I can find many reports and details on camp in a minute. Now I can focus on the part I love about camp, the programming and creating a summer of memories. Thanks UltraCamp.”
— Kathy Chukas, Kids Playing Camp
“ We chose UltraCamp because of its ease of use, reasonable fees and great personal customer and technical service. We have not been disappointed! The UltraCamp staff created an easy to use & seamless service that our families access directly through our camp website. They worked hard to adjust to our unique needs and did not expect us to fit into a limited, cookie-cutter program!
— Bob & Maggie Braun, Camp WeHaKee
“After being involved for 25 summers in camp ministry, 14 of those directly involved in administration, I have never seen a better program for the registration of campers. I have used 3 different programs over the years and have never had the kind of success we experienced this summer. The program was easy to use and the best part was our client’s parents loved it! They enjoyed the convenience of the online registration and felt that they had a part in planning their schedule of activities during their stay. We found the technical support EXCELLENT and FAST. Thanks UltraCamp, we are believers!”
— Wendy Eberhardt, Camp Yavapines
Ultracamp has been “control center” for all of our operations for the last 4 years, and we couldn’t be happier. The system is easy to use for our clients, and the assistance from Ultracamp staff in setting up our camp sessions was first-rate. Their customer service, and commitment to continued development and improvement has proven that Ultracamp is the best choice we could have made for our program.
— Graeme Burgan, Csehy Summer School of Music
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Since, I have worked within registration, summer of 2012, and 2014-2018, I have used two other registration systems. UltraCamp is BY FAR the best! UltraCamp consistently goes above and beyond to help, and takes the time to help me think through the best way to execute ideas. I LOVE that UltraCamp takes ideas we offer to improve the experience for our guests seriously, and it isn’t too long before I see an idea implemented. It is so convenient that our guests can register for camp, input medical information, buy merchandise, donate, view pictures, all within ONE system. We used to have that in FOUR places. I also, so greatly, appreciate knowing that so many of your staff have worked in camping!
— Scioto Hills Christian Camp